Prediction 5K closes out Summer Series celebration

September 10, 2021

The Last Blast Prediction 5K was held Sept. 4 at Grove Park in Rehoboth Beach with just under 100 participants taking part in the unique race where the rules are simple – no watches, no mile markers, no GPS devices, phones or ear buds, and no luck are allowed. Martin Rodriguez won the overall male title in 18:29, while Susan Dunn ran 22:37 to win the female overall title. The top 20 finishers closest to their predicted time are the winners, meaning that fast age-group runners don’t matter much with no age-group awards. It is one of my favorite races, as it shows how consistent the regulars are and how they know exactly what their pace feels like. It is amazing to me every year to see how close the top 20 finishers are to their predicted time without much help.

1. Eric Nutto - 0.79 seconds off predicted time; 2. Aydan Vanderwende - 0.92; 3. Cindy Dominik - 1.41; 4. Elizabeth Gerritt-  3.14; 5. Sedar LaBarre - 3.90; 6. Alison Juneau - 5.06; 7. Greg Martini - 6.37; 8. Teri Moore - 7.29; 9. Melinna Wightman - 8.41; 10. Alice McAleenan - 9.65; 11. Ann Keiser - 10.42; 12. Mike Smith - 10.73; 13. Hannah Raphel - 11.95; 14. Susan Dunn - 13.31; 15. Jimmy Rubin - 15.71; 16. Kiersten Pels - 17.31; 17. Scott Royal - 17.32; 18. Andrew Joyner - 17.91; 19. Keren Rams - 18.08; 20. Joann Szczepkowski - 18.42.

The Summer Series awards were presented following the Prediction Run ceremony with Martin Rodriguez taking the overall title in a combined time of 1:56:31, while Olivia Montini won the female championship in 2:12:44. Mike Sewell won the male masters in 2:05:19, while Susan Dunn won the female masters in 2:33:55. Laurie Milnes won the female most improved, while Peter Chiarelli won the male most improved. April Bondurant won the Hank Brittingham Volunteer of the Year Award.  

Lake Invite

The Cape cross country team will kick off its 2021 season at this Saturday’s Lake Forest Invitational that will be held at Killens Pond State Park in Felton. The girls’ and boys’ varsity teams, coming off a Henlopen Conference Championship in 2020 on the girls’ side and a Delaware State Championship in 2020 on the boys’ side, will get started at 10 a.m.

Seashore Strider XC

The Seashore Striders Cross Country team begins year 21 at Cape Henlopen State Park, as the team will practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15 to 5:45 p.m., with a home base of Herring Point. Young runners from 5 to 18 are welcome to come out for the program where kids are grouped by ability levels for training. If interested, show up at Herring Point. For more information, contact coach Tim Bamforth at

AUB Run for Beirut 10K 

My friend and every local’s friend, Hiba Stancofski, will be running a 10K Sunday, Sept. 19, participating in a fundraiser for American University of Beirut. Stancofski came to the states 33 years ago fresh out of AUB.

AUB is organizing a fundraiser run the weekend of Sept. 17-19 for all alumni to join or help from anywhere in the world. It is called the AUB Run for Beirut. During this difficult period for Lebanon, AUB is at the forefront of supporting the people of Lebanon by providing education, caring for patients at its world-class hospital, and working in the community. 

Alumni can register to run in a group or as individuals to raise money. Raised funds can go to one of several funds, including a fund for needy patients,  for fuel, to help with student financial hardships, etc. Hiba will be running for the fund to help needy patients. With the economic collapse and the Lebanese pound inflation, patients are literally dying because they cannot afford to pay for hospital fees – $1 is the equivalent of 20,000 Lebanese pounds now! 

“I immediately thought the run was a great way I could help,” said Hiba. “I love to run, and what better way to get back into it, while helping my alma mater and the people of Lebanon who are so dear to my heart and are suffering gravely? With everybody’s support, with the help of my village here in Delaware, I hope we’ll achieve my fundraising goal of $5,000 and maybe we can save a child or two from perishing.”

Follow this link to Hiba’s fundraising page and get on board with this great fundraiser and act of kindness –


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