Racial justice alliance awards Love Creek students

Robyn Anadu, Kiara Harmon earn school honors
January 27, 2022

The Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice recently honored Love Creek Elementary students Robyn Anadu and Kiara Harmon for their demonstration of leadership, improvement, effort and excellence.

Robyn displays leadership qualities every time she walks through school doors. Her calm demeanor and intent academic focus made her a clear choice for recognition. Robyn has a strong work ethic and carefully considers how she can be an example to her classmates academically and socially. As a fourth-grader, she is eager and willing to be challenged in her classes, which will continue to propel her to even higher levels of achievement. Her teachers find her to be an exemplary student and are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things she will accomplish in her very bright future.

Kiara, a fifth-grader, is a model student and exemplifies everything the award encompasses. She is a fantastic student and always puts forth her best effort. She applies herself to her full potential and takes extreme pride in her work. Also, she is not afraid to take risks in her studies, and she learns from mistakes she may make. Along with this, she is an amazing kid. She is a great friend to all and is always looking out for others. Her best qualities are her leadership skills. She is someone who leads by example, always doing the right thing, and is constantly helping and pushing others to believe in themselves as leaders.

Each student received a $20 gift card to Browseabout Books in Rehoboth and a book about Thurgood Marshall, the first Black U.S. Supreme Court justice.

SDARJ’s education committee initiated the award to recognize students in the Cape district who represent ideals of leadership, effort and excellence in their schools. A nonpartisan organization, SDARJ educates, informs and advocates for racial justice, equality and fair opportunity. For more information, go to

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