Racial justice alliance honors Cape High students

Brothers Adonis and Darius Weldon recognized for leadership, effort, excellence
December 7, 2023

The Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice recently honored Cape High students and twin brothers Adonest and Darius Weldon for their leadership, effort and excellence. 

According to Cape teachers and administrators, Adonest Weldon is hardworking, polite and kind. He works well in groups and is always willing to help those around him. He is a classroom leader who drives discussions and brings contagious joy to the classroom. He is a contributing member of Henlopen Leaders and always volunteers to assist at different school events.

Darius Weldon is organized, polite and friendly. He leads those around him to success with his approachable leadership. Darius is always on task and gives everything his full effort, which drives his success. He is also a contributing member of Henlopen Leaders and volunteers his time assisting with school events.

Individually, Adonest and Darius are leadership and hard work personified. Together, these qualities are amplified exponentially. Their love of life and those around them is infectious. They have an undeniable passion for music – creating, playing and sharing their talents with others. Adonest and Darius always have a smile and a kind word to offer. They are creating a stronger community with their hard work and dedication.

Surrounded by administrators, Adonest and Darius were honored in a ceremony at the school and each received a $20 gift card to Browseabout Books in Rehoboth.

SDARJ initiated the African American Achievement Award to recognize students who represent the ideals of leadership, effort and excellence in their schools. Students from each school in the Cape Henlopen and Indian River School Districts are recognized throughout the school year. SDARJ is a nonpartisan organization that educates, informs, and advocates for racial justice, equality, and fair opportunity. For more information, go to

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