Rehoboth and Bethany Boardwalks have gone to the dogs

January 3, 2020

Go Pro Yo - I am a human Go Pro on the sports beat. I can spot the athletes who are players before the competition begins. On New Year’s Day, as the 10K field settled into the national anthem, I snapped a photo of the woman I thought would win. Hollie Sick, 29, of Cherry Hill, N.J., won the women’s race in 41:49, a 6:45 pace. I got her finish line photo running through the Races2Run banner. And I got her photo with her first-place trophy, a life-sized black lab. Hollie, who works in a Jersey running store, said, “The funny thing is, I’m afraid of dogs.” “Bow-wow-wow-yippie-yo-yippie-yeah.” – Atomic Dog George Clinton. 

Proud Grand Momma - When is grand mom not proud? Perhaps when she is not grand mom? I interviewed 18-year-old Adam Cohan Dec. 31, an affable runner from California. He told me he was back east visiting his grandma who lived in Maryland but has a place in Rehoboth. Now I’m juggling three places and three generations and 3,000 miles. Proud grandma comes over to join the interview. “So you’re grand mom,” I say. “You must be proud of Adam.” “Yes, I am, but I’m his mom, not his grand mom.” I tried to bust Adam, “He pointed over there and said, ‘My grand mom.’” Then mom gave me an easy pass. “His grandmother is beautiful, so I don’t mind.” I’m always sticking my head into the oscillating fan of my sports network. I am the conehead of uncertainty. 

Good question but annoying - The Hair of the Dog races in Bethany on Jan. 1 had stuffed dog trophies (I am not worthy) and dog categories for the top three runners with a dog in the 5K and way too many doodles and dogs wearing sweaters and a few with backpacks. After being there four hours, as I was leaving I heard a woman ask a race volunteer, “Are there any water stations set up for the dogs?” She was standing beside eight cases of water. Great question, but so annoying.  

Be best - Don’t worry, this is not a medley of Melania Trump’s social initiatives, just wondering if all the backward debating and voting to decide who was the best athlete, the best team and best unsung hero are worth the effort. I’d like to be Best Hobbyist for impersonating a professional. I’d also like to be a keynote speaker at a hall of fame that rejected me. But seriously, although not really, if an athlete or team has a great year, why do they have to be compared to anyone else? Because it gives us something to celebrate while rejecting others at the same time. And if that wasn’t fun, all award shows and be best banquets would go away.   

Katy from Katrina - Katy Dog from New Orleans is 14 years old. She was a rescued pup from Hurricane Katrina. Katy veered east on the Boardwalk Dec. 31 because she just wanted to see me. Katy was wearing booties on back legs and her loving owner had a sling on her hindquarters too, take a load off fanny. Then my own Katie Fred showed up, out taking a walk. All Katies are cool, that much I know. Katy Dog’s owner’s name I have no idea.  

Backbreakers - I think each football official should get one backbreaking card to pull in a game, and that is it. The 30-yard gain brought back to line of scrimmage where a 10-yard penalty is assessed changes the game. Kids on sandlots and playgrounds used to argue all day long; now they don’t even play. And each head coach should have one Get Out of Jail Free card, which negates the call made on the field, right or wrong. The bowl games became unwatchable.     

Snippets - The dark dog days of winter are about to settle over scholastic sports. Fans don’t travel like “back in the day”; no one wants to be 30 miles from home on a weekday on the wrong end of a darkened two-lane road interrupted by four-way stops. Text updates are a fun way to keep track of a game without leaving the house. I’m good at blasting out updates, except when a team ahead by three in the fourth quarter is trailing by 39 two minutes later. I would use Facebook Live, except I find the sight of my own face frightening. Go on now, git!

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