Rehoboth Beach Patrol’s protective sheet piles are in place

Stormwater infrastructure is next, then foundation work begins
March 15, 2024

The weather conditions were a little rough, but crews successfully installed steel sheet piles that will protect important underground infrastructure at the new Rehoboth Beach Patrol in the event of a major storm.

A crane moved in a little more than two weeks ago; the construction crew battled poor weather the whole time. It rained the whole first week, causing the site to flood, while the second week saw multiple days of high winds. Installation equipment included a crane with a 90-foot boom and a vibro hammer, which is the green piece of equipment sitting on top of the steel pile.

In addition to the weather, workers ran into a stubborn rock about 25 feet below the surface as they were installing the steel piles. The rock appears to be debris from the infamous March 1962 storm, said a city Facebook post.

Lynne Coan, city spokesperson, said the next step is the continued installation of stormwater infrastructure next week. When complete, crews can begin foundation work for the main building. Foundation work will include driving piles, bonding and pouring concrete, Coan said.

Construction of the new $5 million, two-story facility with public restrooms on the Boardwalk level and beach patrol headquarters on the second floor is expected to take about 18 months.

This coming summer, the beach patrol will have a split operation – one location at the chamber information booth at the end of Delaware Avenue and another in the dirt parking lot at the end of Lake Avenue.


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