Rehoboth Elementary opens its doors

Students, parents tour new school
September 3, 2019

Wide-eyed students and smiling parents filed eagerly through the front doors of Rehoboth Elementary Aug. 29 for the new school’s first meet-the-parent night.

“Seeing their faces is the best part,” said Cape Director of Capital Projects Brian Bassett.

The school was finished on time and with money to spare, Bassett said, thanks in part to construction manager Richard Y. Johnson & Son’s ability to keep change orders minimal.

“We have about $600,000 left in our contingency,” Bassett said. “We will hang onto it for another month or two to make sure no surprises come up with the demo of the big building. Then we will try to transfer it to the high school project, Milton or Shields, depending on who needs help.”

Students entering the building are greeted by natural sunlight and a water feature. As in previous construction, grade levels are separated and have different colors with collaborative workspaces.

Bassett said officials were also able to save money in design costs by reusing previous designs but incorporating Rehoboth-themed details, such as a line of welcoming cabanas in the main lobby and the reproduction of World War II fire control towers at the stairway. The school is built to accommodate 720 students.

Asbestos removal for the original Rehoboth High building is underway, with demolition to follow in October. This area will house basketball and pickleball courts, and amenities such as a pavilion, an arch with the school’s original name and datestone, benches and outdoor classroom seating.

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