Residents know their town the best

January 20, 2023

When it comes to a town slogan, there isn’t much better than “The Nation’s Summer Capital” in Rehoboth Beach. That title was earned in the first half of the 20th century, as the city became a popular vacation destination for residents of Washington, D.C. The slogan is referenced in Delaware newspapers as far back as 1943, and is still often used today. 

Other shining examples in Sussex County include Lewes’ “The First Town in the First State” and Delmar’s “The Little Town Too Big for One State.”

For decades, “A Way of Life” has been associated with Dewey Beach, but it’s an unofficial slogan because the town doesn’t own the trademark. Town officials believe it’s time to reconsider and find something that better identifies the Dewey Beach of 2023. 

Milton also recently kicked off an effort to find a new town slogan and logo. Milton’s goal is to give the town an identity to attract more residents, businesses and visitors. To do so, officials have put out a request for proposals for marketing and public relations firms. Anyone interested in submitting a proposal may do so until Feb. 1. 

Dewey Beach is taking a completely different approach. Its marketing committee has created a contest, encouraging residents to submit their best tagline. The committee will narrow down submissions and present town commissioners with the three best options. The top five submissions will receive prizes. 

Of the two approaches, we believe Dewey’s is preferable. Before paying a firm that may not be familiar with Milton, the town should first seek recommendations from residents. Community engagement is never a bad idea. Town officials could also ask students in Milton Elementary, H.O. Brittingham Elementary and Mariner Middle to give it their best shot. 

Milton boasts both lifelong residents and newcomers. Tapping into their experiences could result in a slogan that taps into the town’s history, but also conveys what attracted newer residents to make Milton their home. 

The best slogan highlights a town’s uniqueness. Who better to define that uniqueness than the people who live there?


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