Rookery North property should be preserved

January 11, 2022

I would like to take this opportunity to share my feelings and ideas regarding the sale of the Rookery North Golf Club. For those of you not familiar with the golf course, it was the sister club of the Rookery South in Milton.

Back in the day, it was Shawnee Country Club. Sadly, the Rookery North has been closed for some time now. I would imagine that the COVID pandemic with lack of play was a leading factor in the decision to close the course. The course is located on Rehoboth Boulevard South in the Sussex County portion of Milford. The location is fantastic. It is just north of the new Bayhealth hospital near Coastal Highway. I loved the club – 18 holes of golf, tennis courts, a driving range, practice greens, clubhouse, catering facility, pro shop and plenty of parking. The rates were more than fair, and the staff was always friendly. Many afternoons, my wife and I could throw our clubs in the car, hit some balls, and practice our chipping and putting. It broke my heart to see it close and go up for sale.

The 149-acre property is zoned R-2 and is offered for sale at a bargain price of $4.5 million and is ripe for development. I am shocked it did not sell in a day.

If I had millions, I would certainly buy it. Not to develop it, but to keep it as a public golf course. Once a pristine golf course is plowed over and filled with cluster homes on postage-stamp lots, there is no bringing it back.

Ideally, I would like to see the land purchased by Sussex County and placed in a land preservation trust. The land could be leased back to a golf course company or be turned into a public golf course.

I am hoping my idea will catch the attention of our local politicians. I will be advocating for the preservation of the Rookery North. Hopefully many other Delaware taxpayers will do the same. 

Mark A. Breckwoldt
Rehoboth Beach
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