Running of the Bull takes over Dewey

June 25, 2023

The 26th annual Running of the Bull hit Dewey Beach June 24. A large group of partygoers was chased by The Starboard bull on the beach, and then headed back to The Starboard where they witnessed the battle between the bull and matador Harry Leontitsis, better known as Papa Celeste from the former Mama Celeste’s Pizza.

“The 26th annual Starboard Running of the Bull went off perfectly, as the clouds parted and the weather was spectacular,” said The Starboard owner Steve “Monty” Montgomery. “This event is about not taking life too seriously, having some fun, pure silliness, all in the name of fundraising for our local Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company. Approximately $10,000 was raised with this year’s event. Our team at The Starboard is amazing to pull off such a well-coordinated event with our local officials, keeping it fun for all, and cleaning it all up immediately so we are back to our normal restaurant the same night. I couldn’t be happier and more proud of our team for how much pride they take in this and how hard they worked to make it perfect.”


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