Shell We Bounce recognized by Cape school district

Vocational students get work training through partnership
June 8, 2024

Cape district leaders recognized vocational site Shell We Bounce as the May Community Champion at the May 23 school board meeting.

Board member Janet Maull-Martin said the district has a long relationship with Shell We Bounce, where students engage in custodial tasks such as cleaning games, operating the vacuum, sanitizing railings, washing windows and wiping tables. 

“This environment offers a valuable opportunity for us to teach our students how to maintain focus amidst various distractions, encouraging them to remain dedicated to their work despite the allure of arcade games or bouncing in the ball pit,” Maull-Martin said. 

At the conclusion of each shift, students receive compensation on their Shell We Bounce cards and a drink of their choice. At the end of each month, they can redeem their earnings and enjoy their shift playing arcade games with their friends. 

“The Sussex Consortium students and staff are incredibly grateful for community partners like Shell We Bounce,” Maull-Martin said. “Their consistent support of our program has provided countless students with opportunities to enhance their vocational skills and foster independence.” 


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