Shepherd’s Office is a win-win for all

October 3, 2023

According to the Farmers Almanac, we will soon be seeing snow fly.

Though hard to imagine as we enjoy a lovely fall, the night temperatures are steadily dropping. A friend of mine rounded up a bunch of sleeping bags for the Shepherd’s Office gang, and I delivered them last week. She found them during a homeowners association community yard sale among items no one purchased.

Both the director and founder of Shepherd’s Office in Georgetown happened to be on the premises when I pulled in and scooped them up for the homeless/roofless folks who live in tents. Apparently they are beginning to feel serious chills during the nights outside and have been asking for warm coverings. We who live indoors just don’t think about subtle weather changes. I didn’t and was left a bit off balance by such a hungry reception of a few warm sleeping bags this early in the season.

Shepherd’s Office now provides over 200 hot homemade dinners every evening. Not to mention tents, blankets and sleeping bags. They also have a food pantry and free garage sale for anyone in need. A very busy little place.

They are actively collecting warming overnight necessities, so look around your garages, attics and storage buildings for such items that you no longer need. This includes adults’ bicycles that are needed by the tent dwellers who go to work every day. The last years since COVID have produced larger numbers of needy than ever, and now, with increased immigration, the ethnic community cannot absorb our newest residents as they did before. The numbers are just staggering.

Pre-holidays usually prompt the clearing out of unused items to make room for newer, more current necessities, so please look around and see what could be shared. The Shepherd’s Office is on North Bedford Street, past The Circle. Hard to miss, the yellow-gold Victorian house stands out; you can simply pull in under shelter and unlatch your trunk. Workers there will unload for you and offer a big smile.

Since it is a nonprofit 501c organization, whatever you bring is tax deductible. Definitely a win-win situation for all.

Rhona Prescott

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