Shop, eat and fish in Lewes during construction

October 12, 2017

By now you are probably aware that much needed sewer and water upgrades will be disrupting residents, businesses and visitors in the area of Front Street, Gills Neck Road, Savannah Road and the drawbridge in Lewes over the coming months.

Although the inconvenience and associated temporary mess affects all of us, we ask that you especially keep in mind the detrimental effect these important improvements to our historic town will have on the small businesses in these areas.

Small businesses along with the historic, maritime and natural history of our special and unique town form the physical heart and soul of our community.

Lewes small businesses need you to support them to enable them to stay sustainable over the next year...ultimately sustaining the Lewes and greater Cape Henlopen community that we know and love today.

Small businesses give back more (time, treasure and talent) directly to our local community than big box stores or the internet, making a major economic and social impact to the Cape Region. Small businesses also provide greater access to diverse products, better customer service and create a sense of community. We promise it will also make you feel good!

Consider participating in the 3/50 Project.

• Pick three independently owned local businesses that you would miss if they disappeared.
• Spend $50 each month (combined) at the three.
• Save your local economy. For every $100 spent in locally owned businesses - $68 stays in the local community. At a national chain only $43 stays local, and spending online (nonlocal) means no money stays in our community.

We also challenge you to shop and eat at a small business that you have never visited. It takes a village...explore yours!

Please shop, eat and fish - in Lewes. Thank you for your support of our special community.

Andrea Spuck and Tim Southerst
Lewes Gourmet & PUZZLES


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