Shortage of emergency vets is widespread

April 12, 2022

My sympathies to Mary Ann Flanagan, the Fisher-O’Keefe family and all others who are experiencing loss of fur babies in this time. Be assured that you are not alone. The shortage of vets/personnel is happening all over. Here in Scranton, Pa., our single emergency vet facility had no vet on duty (or antivenin) last summer when my neighbor’s puppy was bitten by a copperhead. They were told to try another facility about 20 miles away, only to be told the same thing there! In the end, they finally drove about an hour to reach the closest option that did have a vet and antivenin, followed by another hour drive in the opposite direction to pick up the second dose. If it weren’t for early/interim assistance from some heroic paramedics here, the dog might well have died. I asked my own vet about this a month or two ago and he affirmed it was from shortages due to COVID. Yet the emergency clinics are where we are told to go at night and on weekends/holidays! What good is that if they have no vet on duty?

Pat McCormack
Scranton, Pa.
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