Showfield developers come back to Lewes

New community will not be phase of Showfield
March 4, 2019

The developer of Showfield has returned to the city of Lewes with a new development, several years after withdrawing a larger plan that spanned both Lewes and Sussex County.

In 2014, the developer received approval from Sussex County for 166 single-family lots with access from Gills Neck Road. With only a handful of lots remaining, the developer is moving forward to develop the Lewes side; however, it will not be known as Showfield and will not share amenities with its Sussex County neighbor.

The developer, Showfield LLC, is seeking approval in Lewes for an 86-unit single-family subdivision on 36.9 acres, abutting 16-acre White’s Pond to the north. 

The community, proposed to be called White’s Pond Meadow, would be accessed off Freeman Highway via Monroe Avenue, with a planned connection to Showfield via Monroe Avenue.  

The plans submitted to the city also show a future phase on the north side of White's Pond. Although subject to change, an additional 45 single-family homes are possible. 

The community’s roads would be deeded to and maintained by the city, unlike the county counterpart, where roads are privately owned and maintained. There will be sidewalks on both sides of the streets.

The developer designed the community’s 2.5 acres of open space around an existing clump of trees. Very few trees would be lost in the plan, and houses are planned for what is now an agricultural field. A clubhouse would be built next to the trees.

The community would have two wet stormwater ponds, totaling about three acres. Each would drain into White's Pond.

The land is zoned R-2, low-density residential, and most lots are just over 10,000 square feet, with several slightly larger lots. Six lots back up to White's Pond. Nick Hammonds of Showfield LLC said those residents would have access to the pond, but it is not anticipated anyone else would.

The Junction and Breakwater Trail extension runs along the edge of the property on two sides. There is a planned connection to it from a nearby cul-de-sac inside the development.

The city’s parks and recreation commission reviewed the plan Feb. 25 with just a few comments on the open space and the development’s impact on White's Pond. The commission’s report will be forwarded to the planning commission, which is expected to discuss the plan at its Wednesday, March 20 meeting.

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