SoDel Concepts helps celebrate Delaware Day at two events

December 27, 2017

SoDel Concepts, a Rehoboth Beach-based hospitality group, helped government officials celebrate Delaware Day at events in Washington, D.C., and New Castle County. Delaware Day, which has been celebrated on Dec. 7 since 1933, marks the date in 1787 that Delaware became the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

That evening, Gov. John Carney hosted a dinner at Buena Vista, a historic property in New Castle, which was catered by Plate Catering, which is part of SoDel Concepts.

Meanwhile, a SoDel Concepts team traveled to Washington, D.C., to serve about 400 senators and their staff at the annual Taste of Delaware event hosted by U.S. Sen. Chris Coons and the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce. The event was held in the Kennedy Caucus Room.

"We love paying tribute to our home state with our food," said Scott Kammerer, president of SoDel Concepts. "We've sent team members to these events for several years now, and it's always an honor to be selected."

This is the fourth year that Plate Catering handled the Delaware Day dinner at Buena Vista, which was built by Delaware and U.S. statesman John Middleton Clayton between 1845 and 1847. It is now owned by the state.

Chef Jen Bradour organized the meal with the help of chefs Maurice Catlett, Chris Parks and Anthony Alderucci, as well as sous chef Charlie Moranski and line cook Natalie Marvel. Lisa Wheeler ran the operations in the dining room.

In Washington, D.C., Chef Doug Ruley, vice president of culinary operations for SoDel Concepts, spearheaded a culinary team that included Chef Alex Martinez and Kris Medford, director of operations for SoDel Concepts. They served local pickled egg with soy, flying fish roe, zesty togarashi spice and baby celery.

"We're fortunate to have so many talented chefs in our company," said Ruley, who is also the hospitality group's corporate chef. "That's why we can handle two major events that are miles apart on the same day."

Kammerer said, "Our chefs are passionate about representing our company and our state, and that shows in the quality and the flavor of our food."

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