STEMporium teams with King’s Ice Cream to create new flavors 

July 11, 2020

The Great STEMporium has collaborated with a local favorite ice cream maker, King’s Homemade Ice Cream Shop, to offer a new series of science-themed ice cream at the STEMporium.

“When the call came in, it was a no-brainer for us. We love supporting fellow family-owned small businesses, and we love making ice cream,” said Chelsea King, co-owner of King’s. The Great STEMporium, a unique science activity center on Route 1 near Lewes, opened its doors a year ago serving science activities to kids in a restaurant-like setting. Customers come in, get a table, and order science activities from a menu of 50+ choices. Since its opening, STEMporium customers have asked if it also serves food. Until now, it did not.

“We’re not in a position to establish a full restaurant, but we wanted to offer something special. We couldn’t think of a better treat for kids than homemade ice cream from one of the best ice cream makers in the area,” said Cari Miller, co-owner of The Great STEMporium.

After reviewing King’s assortment of flavors and ingredients that kids love the most, they settled on four space-themed options: Milky Way, Deep Space, Big Bang Theory and Asteroid Field. When kids order a flavor, they’ll learn about the science behind ice cream making. They’ll also have a chance to vote for their favorite flavor and suggest new flavors.

The new space-themed flavors are now available at The Great STEMporium in six-ounce cups and will remain available throughout the summer.

For more information, contact Miller at

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