Sun Behavioral Delaware provides free virtual continuing education

January 17, 2022

Sun Behavioral Delaware made a pledge for 2022 to provide monthly virtual continuing education free of charge to the community.

Licensed clinical professionals such as nurse practitioners, social workers and nurses require annual continuing education to maintain their licensure with state and national boards. Sun’s goal was to make this critical health education easily accessible and provide topics relevant to today’s challenges in the field of mental health and substance use disorders.

Sun’s business development team, led by Director Erin Willis, is responsible for planning and executing these events on behalf of the organization. Willis and her team cultivated the topics for 2022 with a focus on building the region’s collective awareness and education about important health topics. Sun’s 2022 schedule includes topics such as racism, domestic violence, youth suicide, veterans/post-traumatic stress disorder, and more. “We wanted to focus on issues that were critical to the community and the times we’re living in,” said Willis. “We don’t shy away from the crucial conversations that clinicians need and want to have.”

The first event of 2022, held Jan. 10, focused on Black Men’s Mental Health Matters and featured Dr. Julius Mullen, EdD, LPMCH, of Children and Families First Delaware. Mullen’s presentation drew 110 participants who sought to learn how to better assist this severely underserved population. Participants learned about key issues Black men face in mental health, barriers they encounter when seeking mental health services, and the positive outcomes they experience when they access appropriate care.

Located in Georgetown, Sun provides inpatient care for adults along with adolescents ages 13-17 who are in a mental health crisis or need detox for a substance use disorder. Sun also provides outpatient services for adults who need intensive therapies quickly. Sun’s services begin with a no-cost assessment which is available on a walk-in, appointment or telehealth basis.

Part of Sun’s outreach to the community, the professional education series is available to anyone who has a desire to learn more about mental health and substance use disorders.

To learn more, email or follow Sun Delaware on the company’s Linkedin page. To schedule a no-cost telehealth consultation for services, go to

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