Support Stevens for Dewey commissioner 

September 18, 2020

I have been involved in Dewey Beach for the past several years through my husband TJ Redefer’s role in the community as the mayor from 2017-20. I have observed and witnessed so many positive changes in the town, and some very concerning issues.  When I think back on his wonderful life and the positive changes he brought to our town, I can’t help but remember some of the difficult challenges he faced as well.  TJ promoted teamwork over self-promotion, promoted the use of “we” not “I” and believed that Dewey Beach is built on a foundation of volunteerism. 

David Moskowitz attempted to promote himself during TJ’s illness by sending out e-blasts with incorrect medical information regarding my husband, continually calling, texting and showing up unannounced at his office asking for personal information. This is not how a fellow commissioner acts in good faith and kindness while supporting their fellow commissioners and the Town of Dewey Beach. When Mr. Moskowitz participated in the Dewey Business Partnership forum, he continually spoke of “I” in every response, not how “we” would move forward as a town, not how the commissioners would work together but what he would do as an individual.  The town council needs teamwork and communication as one collective voice, not an individual who has a difficult time working with others and continues to undermine other commissioners.

When I reflect about who would emulate TJ’s character as a Dewey Beach commissioner, William “Bill” Stevens comes to mind immediately.  Not only has Bill served on the following committees: investment committee, audit committee, and the budget and finance committee, his wife Janine also serves on the marketing committee and the town manager search committee.  In a time of such uncertainty and change, Bill Stevens is the leader our community needs.  He has a deep understanding of Dewey Beach, as evidenced by his committee work and committee leadership roles.  Bill has a BBA in finance and an MBA in accounting from Loyola University.  His career has included six years in public accounting as an auditor and management consultant, followed by six years as the controller and vice president of a publicly traded company. 

With Bill’s impressive analytical skills, combined with his logical thinking and his ability to lead, he is what Dewey Beach is in need of right now. We need people to serve the Town of Dewey Beach who can all work together in the spirit of positivity and in the best interest of the town, not in the best interest of themselves. Please vote for William “Bill” Stevens for Dewey Beach commissioner Sept. 26. 

Bobbie Redefer
Dewey Beach
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