Surprise! L.A. Noire coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and VR

September 14, 2017

Late last week, Rockstar Games revealed that its "blockbuster detective thriller," L.A. Noire, will be making its way onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and HTC VIVE (VR). This was a complete surprise to everyone, and I, for one, am absolutely THRILLED; L.A. Noire was one of my favorite games of 2011.

For those who never got around to playing it, L.A. Noire is a third-person, action-adventure crime drama based around LAPD Detective Cole Phelps, badge 1247. It takes place in 1947 in the middle of the post-war boom of Hollywood's Golden Age. Detective Phelps must expose the truth behind all kinds of conspiracies, murders, and attacks. As someone who watches Investigation Discovery (ID) and Oxygen daily, a video game that puts me in the shoes of a detective is my dream come true.

The PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of L.A. Noire will include the original game and all downloadable content. There will be 4K support for those with an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. The Switch version will include motion and touch controls, as well as new camera angles, including wide and over-the-shoulder. I am having a hard time deciding which console I want to get it on!

The HTC VIVE version will be called "L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files," and will feature seven of the cases from the original game, specifically rebuilt for virtual reality. Does anyone want to get me a VIVE before November?

All four new versions of Rockstar's interactive detective adventure will be available on Nov. 14.

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  • Cassie Gotto-White is a gamer, a planner babe, and a boba tea fanatic. She discovered her passion for video games at age six when she was given an NES Top Loader by her aunt. Her current main consoles are the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Some of her favorite games include The Last of Us, the Uncharted series, the Yakuza series, Persona 5, and Night in the Woods. Follow her on Instagram at @planningwithcass and YouTube at

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