Take steps to ensure home safety

February 14, 2021

With 2020 behind us and the hope of returning to a measure of normalcy in 2021, it is refreshing to see people out and about, social distancing, wearing masks and observing the courtesy of keeping our friends, family and neighbors safe.

As the world slowly opens again, many of us will start to resume commuting to work as well as taking trips with family to ease cabin fever and take in a change of scenery. While you are out and enjoying time away from home, here are some tips to secure your home’s safety and offer peace of mind as you savor the luxury of emerging from quarantine.

Securing your home or any environment has layers, so first, take some time to do a walk-through of your home. 

Are your windows tight and secure? Are the locks functional and are the windows seated firmly to retain your heating and cooling temperatures? Check for any cracks in the windows and take pictures of any repairs that may be needed.

Are your doors sealed properly in the frame? Do you notice any gaps that allow air to leak? Are your doors secure and solid? Take photos of any damage or concerns about the door’s structural integrity. Replace any locks or knobs that are worn out. If your budget allows and you would like to upgrade your doors, do so! You will enjoy the cosmetics of a new look as well as the added security of new doors and windows if needed.

Take some time to look at your roof. Are there any loose shingles that may blow off or any debris laying loose? You certainly do not want anything falling off and risking injury to yourself or a loved one, much less causing damage to your vehicle should any debris get caught in heavy wind. Inspect your rain gutters. Clear out any leaves and other obstructions, and ensure that your gutters are installed securely.

Take a walk around your property and clear away any loose branches, and inspect for anything that may have been tossed from a passing car. It is a sad truth that we have people who think nothing of throwing out garbage or contraband from moving vehicles. Do frequent yard checks, and keep your family and neighbors safe. You do not want little hands picking up anything they should not touch.

In my next installment, I will discuss the second layer of home security and the merits of installing a quality camera system, as well as budget-friendly, effective ideas for making you and your family safer in your home.

Michael Chamberland is principal of Applied Personal Protection Group. For more information, call 302-242-5891.


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