Tavern Players tell stories from the past

Local history comes back to life thanks to the Lewes Historical Society
August 11, 2022

Lewes Historical Society’s Tavern Talks: “Flights” Aug. 6 featured a seven-act performance by The Sussex Tavern Players depicting vignettes from the history of Lewes from 1777 to 1837.

Before the start of each scene, colonial-period-dressed servers offered the audience beer pairings including local Dogfish Head brews, and beers and ales from Guinness, Yards, Founders and Killian’s.

The performance covered the years leading up to the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, as well as stories of piracy.

In an effort to bring living history to the society, Marcos Salaverria, director of education, and Andrew Lyter, new executive director, started Tavern Talks five years ago. First performed at the historic Ryves Holt House, the performance has grown each year and moved to a new home at the circa 1740 Rabbit’s Ferry House, now known as Sussex Tavern, a true location, which once stood on Second Street, Salaverria said. The cast has grown from three to more than 15, ranging in age from 18 to 80.

Salaverria said that each performance is based on actual events from the history of Lewes.

Salaverria, Lyter, and volunteer and performer Bill Hicks have authored scripts for the performances. Each has also appeared in various roles in each of the five past shows, representing multiple years of history, along with prominent, and sometimes infamous, Lewestown residents of the past.



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