Thank you to all of Lewes

August 10, 2018

The City of Lewes and Lewes in Bloom may have organized the entry into the Communities in Bloom International Challenge, but it was the whole city – government, citizens, volunteer groups and businesses - that made it such an absolute success. Even if we don't win the award scheduled to be announced in late September, we are the real winners.

For those who may not be aware, Lewes is a four-time winner of America in Bloom awards. The last in 2015 was the honor of being named the most beautiful small town in America. This year we decided to go international and enter the Communities in Bloom Challenge. We are competing against a town in Croatia and four towns in Canada.

The Communities in Bloom judges were here from Sunday, July 22 until Tuesday, July 24. It was a whirlwind visit with Monday being the official tour day. Lewes dressed to impress, and impress we did – no small thanks to everyone.

So where do we begin?

Thank you to the city for participating on the CIB committee and to Mayor Ted Becker and his entire staff for responding so quickly in the preparation. Thank you to the Lewes Historical Society for keeping the museum in the community center open so the judges could enjoy. Thank you to our state representatives, Ernie Lopez and Steve Smyk, and also to our Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long for making the trip to greet the judges at the breakfast.

Thank you to the downtown businesses for your enthusiasm preparing for the event and posting signs in your windows. It was noticed by the judges and really appreciated. Many thanks to Schell Brothers who not only made donations, but lent many helping hands through the day. Thanks to Dogfish Head for their contribution to the evening reception. Thanks to Black Hog Farmstead for hosting a lunch for the judges. It was the perfect interlude to a busy day.

Thank you to WRDE news, in particular their reporter, Nicole Edenedo, for their coverage of the judges' visit to the Children's Learning Garden.

Thank you to the Cape Gazette and reporter Nick Roth for their coverage. It is one of the best papers anywhere. They never hesitate to publish articles submitted by nonprofit organizations and there are a lot of nonprofits in our area. It is so refreshing to read a paper that puts as much emphasis on the good news as the bad news.

Most of all thank you to the citizens of Lewes and the Greater Lewes area. Visitors have commented how they love our city and everyone is so friendly. As Lewes in Bloom volunteers, we appreciate it every time you take the time whether walking, riding a bike or going by in your car to thank us for the gardens. That means so much.

Finally, we must thank all the members of Lewes in Bloom who participated in this event. Many hours went into the preparation, but what was so great was everyone's enthusiasm whether they could participate or not.

In recent correspondence with one of our judges, we were told when asked by their spouse if they would consider living in Lewes...they said "Yes." How's that for making an impression?

Susan Crawford
communications, Lewes in Bloom


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