Thirty-day emergency order extended

November 25, 2020

Gov. John Carney formally extended his State of Emergency declaration Nov. 25 for another 30 days to confront community spread of COVID-19.

This is the ninth extension since March, and a monthly extension is required by law in order to continue a State of Emergency.

“We are in a resurgence, and we need to stay vigilant to limit the spread of this virus. Let’s not erase the progress we’ve made over the last eight months. Please keep your holiday gatherings to those in your household. Wear a face covering. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently. Keep your distance. We can get this under control, but we need everyone working together,” Carney said.

Carney’s State of Emergency declaration carries the full force and effect of law. Delawareans and visitors also must follow local restrictions in place to limit community spread of COVID-19.

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