Tiffany Caldwell street photo workshops set in Rehoboth Beach

June 24, 2020

Local photographer Tiffany Caldwell is offering one-day boardwalk street photography workshops for people who enjoy taking photos and want to learn more about different ways to capture the world around them. She will teach the basics of this fun and fascinating art form with workshops in Rehoboth Beach from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., with a break for lunch and free shooting from 1 to 5 p.m., Sunday, June 28; Sunday, July 12; and Friday, July 17. The cost is $95 per person.

As a professional photographer, Caldwell has traveled the world doing street shoots in places like Cuba, Bali, Thailand, New York, New Orleans and many more intriguing destinations. There is nothing quite like observing people in their day-to-day moments and capturing their essence in a photograph.

On the heels of self-publishing her latest magazine and project, “Bench,” which focuses on street photography on the boardwalk over the past few years, Caldwell is looking to share her passion for street photography with others. She came up with the “Bench” project idea a few years ago. When the coronavirus hit, she realized that her body of work was especially important now. Caldwell said “Bench” explores the idea of the comfort of strangers through closeness on benches. In a new climate of social distancing, she wonders whether people will be able to comfortably sit next to strangers the same way.

Street photography can happen almost anywhere, and the boardwalk during the summer is an ideal place. In this workshop, she will share inspiration and give a short history of the art form by looking at some well-known street photographers like Vivian Maier, Robert Frank, Joel Meyerwitz and Helen Levitt. From there, participants will be guided through street walks on the Boardwalk at different times of day to show different approaches to photographing people on the street and ways to look at light, technique, and even some portraiture.

“The art of street photography is something that can change the way you photograph everywhere and can be a whole lot of fun in the process,” said Caldwell.

For more information, to view Caldwell’s latest fine art magazine and to sign up for the workshop, go to

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