Tough choices in Lewes elections

April 30, 2021

Seven candidates seek five seats in two Lewes elections Saturday, May 8. Voters would be hard-pressed to find a bad candidate, but elections are about making choices.

For city council, with two seats on the line, incumbent Rob Morgan faces newcomers Carolyn Jones and Khalil Saliba.

Morgan is seeking his fourth term. As an attorney, Morgan can pick apart any issue with a fine-tooth comb. Jones offers a straight-shooter approach; she’ll tell it like it is. During her career with the Smithsonian Institute, she gained a reputation as someone who could get the job done. Saliba is no stranger to politics; he’s operated his own government relations firm for 20 years, working closely with key players on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. He’s also a Lewes native like Councilman Andrew Williams.

Morgan’s experience may be vitally important, especially as council is guaranteed to have three members with less than two years’ tenure. Saliba offers perspective from a beach resident, while also showing alertness to nearly all city-wide issues. He possesses a deep knowledge only locals have. These two are the candidates we believe will best serve Lewes.

In the BPW race for three seats, incumbents Robert Kennedy, Tom Panetta and Earl Webb are challenged by Richard Nichols.

The BPW is in a precarious situation. Many ratepayers are dissatisfied with explanations related to the wastewater spill in December 2019, while equally frustrated by the costly dispute with the city over authority. Change is needed.

Nichols offers a new perspective as someone who is well qualified and may add fresh takes on BPW’s PR nightmare and day-to-day operations. Webb also brings outside perspective, as he was just appointed to the board last fall to serve out the remaining term of Jack Lesher. Webb worked for GE Capital in customer service/experience, an area where the board desperately needs improvement. Kennedy’s experience as former executive director of the Delaware Public Service Commission makes him an asset that shouldn’t be lost.

Now it’s time for voters to show up and make their voices heard.

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