Tourism office invites locals to change their points of view

January 2, 2021

In collaboration with Southern Delaware Tourism, select Sussex County hotels are offering special extended-stay discounts through Wednesday, March 31, for remote workers, homeschooling families and others seeking to change their points of view, said Scott Thomas, Southern Delaware Tourism executive director.

“Our president-elect isn’t the only one who enjoys retreats to southern Delaware,” Thomas said. “Those of us working from home have spent most of this past year staring at our own backyards or at our neighbors' questionable siding choices. We mean ‘change your point of view’ quite literally. If you’ve been working from home for any length of time, odds are you’re more than ready for a change of scenery, and southern Delaware is a nearby, spectacularly scenic destination that feels wonderfully far away from your everyday life. This hotel promotion offers you the opportunity to escape without breaking the bank.”

Guests will enjoy working from comfy hotels with all the amenities necessary to keep the boss happy as well as the freedom to spend their downtime exploring five-star beaches, bays and waterways; visiting breweries and wineries; enjoying delectable dining from the restaurants along southern Delaware’s famed Culinary Coast; strolling boardwalks; discovering cycling and hiking trails; and visiting Sussex County’s charming downtowns with tax-free shopping.

In addition to the extended-stay discount and depending on the hotel, this offer may include complimentary hot breakfasts, free Wi-Fi, access to onsite meeting space, kitchenette, fireplace, walking distance to town/beach, a balcony room, pet-friendly rooms and more.

To view the growing list of participating hotels, go to Contact individual hotels for details.


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