Training to support families of people with addiction set March 29-31

At Caravel Academy in Bear
March 20, 2019

Attack Addiction and the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health are collaborating to host a free training session Friday to Sunday, March 29 to 31, at Caravel Academy in Bear, for Delaware parents, other adult family members and caregivers willing to coach families who have loved ones struggling with substance use disorder and mental health issues.

DSAMH Director Elizabeth Romero said one of the biggest addiction-related needs she has seen across the state is support for families.

“Having a loved one who is suffering from substance use disorder or mental health issues is one of the most emotional, anxious and uncertain times for families,” Romero said. “We hope this training class will help our family member coaches become a welcome support for parents and other family members facing these difficult circumstances.”

The coach training, with instructors from Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, will take place at Caravel Academy, 2801 Del Laws Road, Bear, in the lower school library. Attendees must commit to all three days of the free training. Sessions will be held from 6 to 9 pm., Friday, March 29, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, March 30 and 31.

Breakfast and lunch will be served on Saturday and Sunday, and all materials will be supplied.

The post-training commitment for new coaches will mean coaching parents or other family members through pre-scheduled phone calls once a week for five weeks. Coaching responsibilities primarily will be with those living in Delaware.

“This is an emotional and intense training that you will find interesting, exciting and well worth the time, especially in your own relationships with family and loved ones,” said Don Keister, founder of Attack Addiction, which advocates for individuals and families facing addiction, and works to reduce the stigma surrounding this chronic brain disease. “The instructors are highly trained and do a fantastic job, using a host of techniques.”

Parents, adult family members and caregivers interested in taking the three-day training must fill out an online application at

For more information, contact Liz Waters at