Trollbeads at the Beach set at Blooming Boutique Oct. 13-15

September 30, 2017

Blooming Boutique in Lewes will host the 9th Trollbeads at the Beach Festival in Lewes Friday to Sunday, Oct. 13 to 15. Owner Micha Seto is proud that Blooming Boutique is now the top Trollbeads retailer in the United States. The three-day event will be held at various locations in historic downtown Lewes. While there will be many exclusive products appealing to the avid collector, this event is also wonderful for those just starting to learn about Trollbeads.

Trollbeads is an innovative jewelry concept that tells unique stories through interchangeable, artisan-quality beads made of Murano glass, sterling silver, semiprecious stones and 18kt gold. By combining individual Trollbeads on a bracelet or necklace, the wearer can design a meaningful, one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that represents a narrative of their accomplishments, life experiences and passions.

Festival attendees have the unique opportunity on Saturday to make their own glass bead with the assistance of a Trollbeads artist. Due to the popularity of this offering at the last event, bead-making will also be available at Blooming Boutique on Sunday. Also, American Trollbeads glass artist Gail Crosman Moore will be attending Saturday. She will be making beads throughout the day and sharing her in-depth product knowledge and ideas on jewelry design. Her beads will also be available Saturday night for purchase in the store.

The main attraction of the event will be the Trollbeads, including a special shipment from Denmark of one-of-a-kind glass and amber unique beads, with more than 15,000 on hand. There will also be a massive selection of retired and limited-edition Trollbeads 
available on Saturday only. Trollbeads has graciously made another event bead, Amazonite Waters, exclusively for this Trollbeads at the Beach event at Blooming Boutique. Past event beads have more than quadrupled in value and Seto believes this is the best one yet - a must-have for any collection.

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