UUSD to hold Celebrating Your Own Life forum Nov. 5

October 29, 2023

Unitarian Universalists of Southern Delaware will host Celebrating Your Own Life, an in-person discussion forum, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 5, at at 30486 Lewes Georgetown Highway (Route 9), Lewes. The event is free and open to the public, and there is free parking at UUSD.

This forum will bring people together for a conversation on how they would like to be celebrated after their death or before their death. It might also stir up their thinking about how they want to live the rest of their lives.

The meeting is designed for non-religious and religious people to bring together those who seek conversation with kindness. All are invited to seek truth, meaning and purpose in life. Atheists, agnostics and those who believe in a supernatural world will focus on positives in their life.

“How would you like others to celebrate your life after your death? What will people say about you? What was special about you? How can you be remembered: with words, humor, music, dance, art, action, or maybe quiet reflection?” said Charles Bittner, organizing committee member.

UUSD is a welcoming and progressive spiritual community with a faith rooted in love and justice. Its mission is to nurture spiritual growth, embrace diversity, work for justice and strive for a loving world. For more information, email or go to

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