Velez promotes benefits of advanced practice clinician role

January 18, 2022

Roseann Velez, FNP-BC, has been a part of the Bayhealth family for a year, having taken on the position of its first population health nurse practitioner coordinator.

Velez ensures patients know how to care for themselves once they’re discharged, and she helps make plans to ensure continued care happens until patients are fully recovered.

She has an exceptional passion for people. Not only does she want to provide the best care, but also, she seeks to enhance the roles of the advanced practice clinicians at Bayhealth.

In August 2021, Delaware became a full practice authority state for advanced practice clinicians. This means these practitioners can exercise their full capabilities in medical settings.

Velez joined Bayhealth in hopes of bringing to light all the benefits advanced practice clinicians offer to the medical field.

Among the best benefits for patients is the time these practitioners can offer them. “We can spend a bit more time with patients,” said Velez. This allows for bonds to be made and helps the patient have a deeper connection and more trusting relationship with the clinician.

Before she took on the new role at Bayhealth, Velez worked in urgent care, internal medicine and orthopedic practices, and held the role of professor at two universities.

Her passion for people led her to Bayhealth, and she said she’s thrilled with the choice she made. She sees the potential for making the role of advanced practice clinicians even stronger at Bayhealth – all to benefit its patients.

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