Veteran's Wish of a Lifetime to be granted Nov. 11 at Atlantic Sands

November 11, 2017

The Atlantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center will be a proud host to many special guests on Veterans Day 2017. Richard Davis, 87, who enlisted in the Air Force when he was 18 years old and served during the Korean War era, will be granted his special wish of seeing the ocean again. Davis, who currently resides in a Brookdale Senior Living facility in Maryland, worked as a radio communications instructor while in the service, has always enjoyed teaching others, and for many years enjoyed spending time outdoors on and around the water with his family.

In celebration of Davis's military service to this country and a life of service, the Wish of a Lifetime organization and Brookdale Senior Living, along with the Atlantic Sands Hotel, will offer Davis the opportunity to enjoy this Veterans Day on the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. A number of his family members will also be traveling to be with Davis and help him see his wish come true.

Wish of a Lifetime realizes that isolation among seniors is a growing problem, and can lead to health risks and depression, but believes it doesn't have to be that way. Members share the belief that recognizing seniors for their accomplishments and sacrifices is the first step to building a society that embraces aging. Wishes connects seniors to people, purpose and passions to eliminate feelings of isolation and helps them to live vibrant, purposeful lives. A true Wish of a Lifetime achieved makes other goals seem possible, and encourages Wish recipients to keep dreaming and pursuing their passions.

Barbara Brewer, Atlantic Sands director of sales, appreciates that older adults achieving long-held or deeply meaningful dreams can have tremendous positive outcomes on their health, purpose, and sense of value. Brewer said, "While we hope everyone will pay special respect to all veterans on Nov. 11, we are very pleased to be joining Wish of a Lifetime in granting veteran Richard Davis his special wish to see the ocean again this Veterans Day. I cannot think of a better place for that dream to come true than in Rehoboth Beach at the oceanfront Atlantic Sands Hotel."

Wish of a Lifetime, with the assistance of partners like the Atlantic Sands Hotel, strives to improve the perception of aging by granting wishes that are truly appreciated, and then sharing the stories about them with others. For more information, go to