VIDEO: Ocean block flooding in Rehoboth

October 29, 2012

The roar of the surf is almost drowned out by the gusting winds off the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Monday morning.  Strong surf and the day's first high tide flooded Surf Avenue and swirled around the Henlopen Hotel, at the north end of the Boardwalk.

The area is prone to flooding during large storms, Rehoboth Beach Mayor Sam Cooper said, and the rest of the city is holding up well.

"We're doing quite well," said Cooper, who's braving the storm from his home. "There was some damage to the dune this morning, but that's to be expected. That's what they're there for."

He said there was also some flooding on Wilmington and Delaware avenues related to the outfall issue, but he doesn't expect it to get much higher.

During his drive to city hall this morning, he said, the streets were empty, evidence that most people are obeying the evacuation and driving restriction orders. He said city workers are out clearing debris from drains and the streets and no damage has been reported yet.

"A few tree limbs down, but nothing Earth shattering," he said.

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