A WAVE of Healthy Meals shares good news

Nonprofit preps and delivers free healthy meals to cancer patients in Sussex County
March 31, 2020

A WAVE of Healthy Meals, a nonprofit organization based in the Cape Region, shared good news from one of its happy recipients.

Through generous community donations, and the support from the Cape Gazette, Wave of HealthyMeals is able to continue to place orders of healthy shelf-stable food for recipients via Amazon Whole Foods and Annie’s. “Our recipients have been sending me pictures and sending thank you’s to me for the food they are receiving,” said Denise Vansant executive director. 
"I love to spread happy news," said Vansant, who shared a note from the recipient that read “You turned a rainy day into a sunny day. Thank you!”   

Recipients also said: “The Lara Bars and trail mix arrived today - thank you so much” and "I love these delicious vegan bowls. I am not losing weight, and I’m staying healthy” and "Never had some of these soup. They are delicious.”

"I want to emphasize how blessed we all are,” said Vansant. “[We are] in good health and able to step outside to see the clouds and to have a roof over our heads. I pray for our local leaders and feel secure knowing how much they all care for us and what a very difficult time this is for them. I am counting the days until we all can get together again to cook and serve others. Thank you all again for volunteering and supporting A WAVE of Healthy Meals.”

A WAVE of Healthy Meals strives to improve health and well-being by preparing and delivering free healthy meals to those undergoing cancer treatment in Sussex County. 

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