We are being sold a bill of goods with tax reform

December 15, 2017

Several years ago I wrote a letter to the editor describing that I thought this nation was becoming a corporatocracy and losing its status as a democracy. In a democracy, power is derived from the consent of the governed. In a corporatocracy power is derived from the consent of the corporation.

The same corporate entities which brought us the Wall Street crisis, a failing infrastructure, a broken health insurance system, and a banking crisis are now making a comeback both nationally and in Rehoboth Beach.

With Congress moving to pass "tax reform" which will take money and benefits from those with the least, and give it to the wealthy individuals and corporate interests, and with Rehoboth trying to give voting rights to entities and diluting individual votes, we threaten to place corporate power over individual rights.

This smacks of corporate greed which has always destroyed neighborhood businesses and increases the disparity between rich and poor. Please remember when you go to the polls who really represents you and not the corporate entities. We stand where we are now because so few people cared enough to vote or were fooled by politicians who sold us a bill of goods, paid for by corporations.

Peter Schott
Rehoboth Beach

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