We may have missed kinder and gentler

September 3, 2019

The last time we got together journalistically, I was advocating for a kinder and gentler 2019.

The events of the past several weeks, and even months, have indicated that not enough of us were or are of this mind-set.  Hopefully, the majority of us in the Cape Region do subscribe to this dictum, or at least the lion’s share of it. 

Feeling and caring has nothing to do with what political ideologies we extol, what ethnic heritage we proudly hold, the country or nation of our birth, or the balance (if any) in our bank accounts.  We are all human beings with red blood if color is an important factor to some, with so much to share and celebrate. We should be proud that we continue to espouse positive feelings with regard to one another. Yes, bravo to us!

As we come to the end of our summer and beach season, perhaps we can take a few moments to look ahead to the fall, a new school year for thousands of young people, a new public botanic garden so close by in Dagsboro, the annual Rehoboth Jazz Festival, Sea Witch festivities, and so many other events which are designed to bring us closer together rather than further apart.

So once again, advocacy for kindness is being broadcast in print in the hope that such positivity will result in a greater peace among all of us.  It appears that too many of us may be angry and even hateful for a variety of reasons, some of which may even be based on what we look like or who we are.  What shallow reasons to judge or prejudge!  What shameful reasons to act or take action! What senseless reasons to complain or criticize!

We have been bombarded perhaps to the point of now boredom that there is more that unites us than divides us. 

However, given our current national climate, we need to take a serious look within, especially since paralleling our wonderful fall events are the national political events of both parties which will detract and distract us from our attempts at kinder and gentler and caring.

We are so fortunate, though, that there are so many philanthropic organizations and agencies here in the Cape/Delmarva Region to help us focus upon caring and sharing.  We know which ones they are, since at least a half-dozen are mentioned in this paper every week.  Giving and donating, not necessarily only fiscally, are meaningful factors in our caring and sharing, thus placing us in the direction of reducing hatred and fear should those unfortunate emotions be circling some of our beings.  Just a suggestion toward approaching the kinder and gentler!

As our summer tourists depart, giving us more automotive flexibility and beach space, we can renew our attention to one another as we sit in Panera Bread or Starbucks or a Big Fish, or a SoDel, or any of the other fine culinary chains or establishments. 

There will be time for a longer chat with our neighbor, a friendlier acknowledgement at the pump at the fuel station, even a warmer recognition at a council or school board meeting.  Let us not omit the beauty or barber shop where communications abound, and not always at the height of kindness.  What a perfect venue to begin the journey toward our calming of the atmosphere since we are more easily united at the shop or in the salon. 

So as we move forward to final quarter of 2019, let us as a region, a county, a state, a country, recommit to becoming what a former president of the United States asked of us in the early 1990s. In so doing, it is hoped that fewer Americans will be hated and then killed by one another.

This writer is hopeful that we take heed, and realize that hatred based on race or ethnicity or country of origin or whatever is neither beneficial nor benevolent.  We have a wonderful country in which to reside, so let us make every attempt to live here together in peace, harmony, and love as a gentle and kind people.


Peter E. Carter is a retired public school administrator.


  • Cape Gazette commentaries are written by readers whose occupations, education, community positions or demonstrated focus in particular areas offer an opportunity to expand our readership's understanding or awareness of issues of interest.

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