Winter Quiet exhibit to open at Gallery One Jan. 7

December 30, 2020

Gallery One in Ocean View announced its Winter Quiet exhibit will be open to the public from Thursday, Jan. 7 to Wednesday, March 3.

Winter’s silence brings the inner quiet that speaks beyond normal words. This month’s theme at Gallery One transports viewers to that place of introspection and peacefulness.

Artists were inspired primarily by the local landscape enveloped in winter’s touch but also by those activities only winter brings.

Scott Broadfoot’s oil painting, “Ice Skaters,” illustrates this perfectly. “In winter, skaters can be found on virtually any frozen body of water. We have small ponds, lakes, back bays, all of which attract anyone with a pair of skates. If you live near one, on a quiet evening you may hear the sound of steel blades cutting the ice as a figure eight is attempted,” he said.

In Lesley McCaskill’s painting, “Inlet Fishing,” a lone winter fisherman perches on the rocky jetty, seemingly oblivious to the elements.

Artists were struck by the beauty and quiet of nature itself. A walk on the beach in winter is a much different experience from a walk taken in the summer months.

In Michelle Marshall’s painting, “Winter Sea,” one can almost feel the crisp stillness of the cold air hanging above the dark, angry sea, and observe wet winter reflections in cool blues and icy whites.

Artists Dale Sheldon and Cheryl Wisbrock also took a winter walk on the beach in their paintings: “Winter Dunes” and “Snowy Morning,” respectively. Wisbrock’s watercolor painting was inspired by beautiful first mornings after a snowfall when the world has been hushed. Sheldon’s painting is a color study of deep winter blues of the sea and sky, and the changes wrought by winter on the green summer grasses, transforming them into gold.

Joyce Condry takes the viewer on a winter drive between Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach, between the ocean and the bay, in her painting, “Winter Beach Flora.” The greens mix with the golds, highlighted by a backdrop of fading beach flowers in silvery gray-green.

Marybeth Paterson’s oil painting “Snowy Blue Forest” depicts a nostalgic winter spot that offers striking views of trees in their majesty and the quiet the snow has created. The loss of leaves allows the sun and sky to reveal themselves and fully illuminate the landscape.

“Winter Light,” a pastel painting by Laura Hickman, is a portrait of a Bethany beach cottage bathed in winter light, thinner and more pastel yellow than summer hues.

Community members are invited to take a winter walk through the gallery and let its light-filled art brighten their days.

Always staffed by an artist, Gallery One is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day at 32 Atlantic Ave., Route 26, in Ocean View. Face masks and social distancing are required. To ensure the safety of all, the number of visitors at any one time may be limited.

For more information, call 302-537-5055, email or go to


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