Worcester Prep announces fall sports awards

November 16, 2019

Worcester Prep students from around Delmarva captured coveted fall sports awards and Eastern Shore Independent Athletic Conference honors in cross country, field hockey, golf, soccer and volleyball. Three teams won ESIAC championships, including boys’ and girls’ cross country and boys’ soccer, and two female athletes won Player and Runner of the Year.  

Upper school awards went to in back (l-r) Morgan White, girls’ varsity soccer most improved; Mesa Cammack, girls’ varsity soccer coaches award; Emily Copeland, girls’ varsity soccer MVP; Ryan Cronin, boys’ varsity soccer MVP; Max Huber, boys’ varsity soccer most improved; Michael Wehberg, boys’ varsity soccer coaches award; Gavin Hentschel, boys’ varsity cross country coaches award; Graham McColgan, boys’ varsity cross country MVP; Rory Pugh, boys’ varsity cross country most improved; C.C. Lizas, girls’ varsity volleyball MVP; Bryn Elliott, girls’ varsity volleyball most improved; and Kat Marini, girls’ varsity volleyball coaches award.

In middle are Abbi Nechay, varsity field hockey MVP; Rylie Carey, varsity field hockey most improved; Hana Miller, varsity field hockey coaches award; Sydney Lamson-Reich, girls’ cross country most improved; Ashley Laws, girls’ cross country coaches award; Myranda Beebe, girls’ cross country MVP; Grace Hopkins, JV volleyball most improved; Summer Walker, JV volleyball MVP; and Chelsea VanVonno, JV volleyball coaches award.

In front are Devin Wallace, varsity golf coaches award; T.J. Bescak, varsity golf most improved; Kaden Mault, varsity golf MVP; Brugh Moore, JV golf coaches award; Harrison Humes, JV golf MVP; and Caden Wallace, JV golf most improved.

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