Worcester Prep second-graders cut and donate teacher’s hair

Shorn locks used to make wigs for children in need
March 22, 2020

Worcester Preparatory School teachers encourage their students not just to complete learning objectives, but to experience them in unique and creative ways.

As part of her English lesson, teacher Jackie Knowlton asked her second-graders to reflect and write about how fortunate they are at Worcester Prep. The children were instructed to gather details from various experiences during school days to enrich their writing.

One of their most inspirational experiences was when the class decided to cut and donate Knowlton’s hair to the nonprofit charity Children with Hair Loss, which makes free wigs for children in need.

The students were overcome with the excitement of giving back to the community and making a positive impact in a meaningful way – a lesson they will never forget.

Editor’s Note: These photos were taken before the COVID-19 crisis.



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