Young guns race, they don’t run, when they see the finish chute

Teenagers proliferate in Run, White & Blue 5K at Del Tech
September 11, 2019

The sixth annual Run, White and Blue 5K was held Sept. 5 at the Del Tech Owens Campus in Georgetown to raise scholarship monies for children of first responders. It saw 500 registered while 311 raced and finished. Joey Hawley, 31, from Irwin, Pa., broke down the finish-line banner in 17:11. 

The top 5 runners all ran under 18 minutes. Reginaldo Hernandez Gonsalez was second in 17:21, followed by Martin Rodriguez, 17:33; Logan Dunn, 17:44; and Lance Kauffman, 17:48. 

Leah-Kate Lounsbury was the first woman to finish, in 20:10. She was followed by Faith Mitchell, 20:25; Helena Helou, 21:26; Emily Trout, 21:32; Kelsey Oliphant, 21:33; Alexis Oliphant, 21:34; Alissa Swan, 22:31; Riccy Amaya, 22:59; Sara Carter, 23:05; and Rachel Mayhorn, 23:16. 

 The 5K terminated with runners crossing over a footbridge, turning left, then veering right for the short sprint to the finish line. The perfect setup for crazed teenagers who like racing but are not as keen on running. 

“Amazing no one crashed,” said Race Director Tim Bamforth. “It’s that way at cross country races; the young runners fight like crazy going into the finish chute.”

There were 156 runners out of 311 that were 19 and under, a record for a summer 5K race. It’s the connection and articulation between high school sports teams and Del Tech that makes this happen. Janelle Boyer is the Del Tech Roadrunners staff member who makes it all happen, with two ladder trucks a giant flag, cops on horses, singers, a helicopter landing during the race, and great food. 

Male age-group winners: 1-9 Tristen Willey, 23:56; 10-13 Bennett Brumbley, 20:53; 14-19 Lance Kauffman, 17:48; 20-29 Reginaldo Hernandez Gonsalez, 17:21; 30-39 Joey Hawley, 17:11; 40-49 Erik Farinas, 22:08; 50-59 Duane Christy, 23:12; 60-69 Robert Fitzgerald, 23:38; 70 and over Jules Woodall, 25:12. 

Female age-group winners: 1-9 Daisy Hughes, 38:40; 10-13 Faith Mitchell, 20:25; 14-19 Helena Helou, 21:26; 20-29 Kelsey Oliphant, 21:33; 30-39 Leah-Kate Lounsbury, 20:10; 40-49 Kathy Kay, 23:57; 50-59 Lisa Wynn, 26:48; 60-69 Nina Smeltzer, 25:06; 70 and over Marie Kuhlman, 45:17.  


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