May 1, 2019


This is an abstract of a column by Imogene Burch “Are You Superstitious”, about seacoast superstitions, from the El Paso Herald, Saturday, November 8, 1919. It is history because it was written almost 100 years ago and mentions Cape Henlopen.

The watermen of Cape Henlopen at one time held that the morning fog carries the souls of the unstable human beings which were neither good nor bad during their lives and there is no heaven nor hell for them so they must float forever in the mist and fog, unable to find rest anywhere.

The great sand dunes of the cape are there and moving south because a pirate shipwrecked on the Cape Henlopen beach and the Buccaneers were given a Christian burial and the angry sea sent the living sand hills to punish the sacrilege.

Another belief along the coast is that death always takes place on the turn of the tides and the soul goes out with the seas.


Abstract: Saturday, November 8, 1919, El Paso Herald, El Paso, Texas, Imogene Burch, writer of “Are You Superstitious? “ column.