April 20, 2019

Bad eggs dominate the news but not our palates. We have choices. One of them is not to consume eggs in any form, not whites, not yolks. Nor do we support an industry that abuses animals and lies to people. The egg industry has demonstrated its willingness to do both!

I was not surprised to learn from The Physicians Committee ( that the majority of studies related to eggs and heart disease are funded by the egg industry itself resulting in misleading information about the dangers of egg consumption. A recent JAMA report ( found that the more eggs participants ate, the higher their risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart failure.

Past Blog posts found the same “scrambled science” from the same “bad eggs”.

So what’s the GOOD NEWS in this Season of NEW LIFE? Mainly that humans do not need to consume eggs of any kind to thrive. A diet of vegetables, fruit, beans and whole grains provides all our nutritional needs. Creative cooks are eager to demonstrate wonderful ways with whole, simple, accessible ingredients.

For example,  Ann and Jane Esselstyn show us how to make SMOKEY LITTLE DEVILS from boiled baby potatoes stuffed with humus in HOW TO PREVENT HEART DISEASE COOKBOOK. FORKS OVER KNIVES APP for cell phones delivers a tasty chickpea omelette plus many other great egg-free recipes. And Kim Campbell teaches us how to bake brownies with no eggs.

Check out the possibilities and get those bad eggs out of your life!



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