March 13, 2024

From the maker of the groundbreaking films COWSPIRACY, WHAT THE HEALTH and SEASPIRACY, comes a bold new investigative documentary film—CHRISTSPIRACY: THE SPIRITUALITY SECRET. While the three prior films examine the impact of animal product consumption and the meat and dairy industries on the wellbeing of the planet and ourselves, CHRISTSPIRACY focuses on the ethical side of eating meat, seeking to answer the question:is there a spiritual way to kill an animal?

Two of the most contentious topics in America today are eating meat and the subject of religion. That’s what makes Kip Andersen and co-creator Kameron Waters so bold for tackling them both in their new documentary. CHRISTSPIRACY involved a five-year journey that saw the pair traveling from Rome to Jerusalem, Oxford to India, speaking to theologians, archeologists, farmers, and shamans, all to explore the historical connection between religions and animals.

While the feature examines various faiths, a key focus is Christianity and the question of whether Jesus believed in killing animals for consumption. Along the way, Andersen and Waters uncover a series of major revelations that suggest the true meaning behind certain Bible passages and Jesus’ teachings. Was that true meaning intentionally hidden for 2000 years?

According to Andersen “We’re not bashing Christianity at all. The film is really revealing the beautiful roots that started it.”

Christspiracy  is scheduled to premiere at The Cinema Art Theater, on Dartmouth Drive, Lewes, Delaware. The Rehoboth Beach Film Society and VegRehoboth present a special screening on Friday, March 22 at 7 pm and encore on Sunday, March 24 at 6 pm. General admission is $15, students $5. For tickets go to A portion of the proceeds benefits VegRehoboth.

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