Dining on Amtrak

March 15, 2019

We were so happy to learn that Amtrak’s East Coast long distance SILVER METEOR was offering Vegan meal options that we decided to do a little culinary “research” on a recent trip to Miami to join a Caribbean Cruise. So my husband and I set off from chilly Delaware on our roller coaster adventure! 

The first evening on the Meteor we savored a pleasant dinner of fresh garden salad and rigatoni pasta as pines gave way to palms and winter ice melted into weedy swamps. Then the 2 of us attempted to sleep in our cramped quarters, a roomette fit for one with a convertible bunk. Next morning we were refreshed with fresh orange slices, steaming oatmeal with raisins and nuts, hot tea and a non compliant croissant!

Lunch on this 25 hour train trip was our final and least favorite meal with an oil drenched bean burger and greasy chips minus a promised salad. The kitchen had run out of food as the train neared Miami!

After 11 days of “sun and fun” and fabulous Plant-Based dining on board the HOLISTIC HOLIDAY AT SEA (next blog post), we headed back North on the Silver Star only to learn the dining car had been replaced by a “cafe” car of cheesy, but not cheap, highly processed eats! What a let down! We found a few Vegan edibles on board—a frozen veggie burger, hummus and pretzels and pineapple, no match for the Meteor’s “fine” dining!


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