Favorite things

June 4, 2019

Spring temperatures that are seasonable, longer days and the smell of the Sweet Bay Magnolia. Those are currently my favorite things.

The day was a little schweaty if you ask me, burning sun- Im not into the baking on the beach this year. I’m feeling more at ease with visiting nature and preferably in the cool of the late afternoon, or if I’d wake up before 5 and get rolling- but we all know me & that most likely ain’t happening.

I hit the pond to breathe in the scent of the sweet bay magnolia and say hi to some of the turtles and herons and hawks. The Lily Pads/Lotus are filling some of the legs of the pond and are almost impassible, large & in charge- I think a morning shoot would be nice for that.

The winter was super gentle but some damage was evident on the banks. A tree toppled by Farmer George’s dock, and took a few seedlings with it. The base- if I was standing on the ‘sandy beach’ in front of it- was at least 6 feet tall probably more. But the most enjoyable part was the tree began sprouting from the roots! GO TREE! 

I love my pond side home and my thought today was - I will never leave this. 


I’m going to upload a video- so stop back for a little live sweet bay paddle by...

  • Photography grounds me and elates me. I am inspired by nature and its perfection. I see things that compel me to take a photograph, things that are ordinary, or small and go unseen by others. This is my purpose as a visual story teller. See my work in the Beach Paper and the Cape Gazette, or visit my website


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