Hank the Tank

February 25, 2022

Hank the Tank is one big black bear! The Bear League of California claims he weighs in at 500 lbs., 200 to 300 lbs. heavier than normal mature black bears. Hank did not get this massive on the Standard Bear Diet (SBD) of berries and grubs. No—Hank is hooked on pizza! He ransacks garbage cans, homes and whole communities to feed his cravings for his favorite “people” food. His discovery of the Standard American Diet (SAD) has sent him into a tailspin.

Hank’s situation has similarities to the human obesity crisis. Humans are hooked on the Standard American Diet(SAD) of pizza smothered in cheese. Animal products and highly processed foods push fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans off our plates. As a result our girth is expanding and our health is deteriorating.

Current figures from the CDC tell us that nearly 40% of adult Americans are obese. In 16 states 35% or more of their populations are obese. Mississippi tops that list and my own state of Delaware has just joined the ranks of the top 16.

We are in trouble! We need help. The media misleads and misinforms  us and the medical community that is supposed to help us. Our government subsidizes the meat and dairy industries that are at the root of our exploding weight problem. Many are anxious and economically constrained.

Who can we trust? Who can and will give us truthful information about a healthful, sustainable diet? I have just attended the online summit THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT WEIGHT-LOSS hosted by Chef AJ. She interviewed 40 experts from around the world who all agreed that a diet of whole plant-based foods is the best for human health and weight. So it’s roots and fruits, greens and beans, potatoes and tomatoes and don’t forget your whole grains. Keep it simple. Keep it cheap. Keep it plant-based.


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