Hockey 4 Haxton Part 2

December 24, 2019

Story Location:
Mariner Middle School
Milton, DE 19968
United States

Just a quick followup to the previous post with some more information and photos of teams, action shots, and past H4H scholarship winners back playing in the tourney. The adult play was on Saturday and many of the teams have been participating since this event began: Slay Belles, Lumps of Coal, Jungle Ballers, Shake & Bake, Wreath Wreckers, The Fruit Cakes, Family Ties, and Santa Claws are the many colorful team names. The younger teams were Lady Knights, Lil’Drummer Boyz, Wreck The Halls, and Christmas Gift.

The first awarded scholarships were given in 2008 to Kara Voss and Chelsea Reed, Sara Kolobielski in 2009, followed by Caroline Judge and Tori Cox in 2010. Taylor Trimmer and Christine (Teenie) Bristowe in 2011, with Sarah More in 2012. In 2013 Karissa LeMaire and Ryan Taylor were the winners, Tina Gooding and Alyssa More in 2014 and then a triple group of Lexi Gooch, Katie Fuhr and Sydney Ostroski in 2015. 2016 was won by Alexa Rhodunda, then 2017 it was Lizzie Soucy, with Lacy Bayley as the 2018 winner. Now Marlee Geppert is the 2019 awardee. From those listed the tourney had the following playing this year: Caroline Judge, Teenie Bristowe, Tina Gooding, Lexi Gooch, Sydney Ostroski, and Lacy Bayley. Enjoy the attached photos!

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