How To Consistently Break 100

September 25, 2017

So the keys to breaking 100:

When you first start playing golf, many golfers goal is to break 100. This is a good goal to have, and it will help you a lot if you set goals for yourself throughout your golfing career especially if you really want to get better at the sport. In this article I am going to give you a strategy on how to break 100. 

 First and foremost I would consider practice to be one of the main things that will get better at golf, going out and playing every day can only get you so far, without practice mingled in between your rounds you will have a much harder time of achieving your goal. Practice your short game as much as possible, the majority of your shots are on or around the green. Next, think about getting some lessons if you haven't already one lesson can make a big difference in your game, and if you can do it every other week you could see major improvements quickly. Now enough of the talk about practice let's get to the course.

 So when your out at 9:00 in the morning and warming up for your round what I don't want you to do is just go to the driving range and hit balls any place you want to, you need to be in a focused mind set. When your on the driving range get a target, and aim for it every time, and don't just go out and swing the driver a 100 times. Start with your shorter clubs, and then slowly work your way up, spending more time with your shorter clubs then with your longer clubs. Next, before your round starts get to the putting green and putt some three foot putts, these are going to be key during your round if you want to break 100. Now that you have warmed up with the shorter putts, go out further and work on lagging those putts to within 3 feet of the hole, so you can then have a reasonable chance at being able to two putt. Get a few chips in before your round starts and now your off to the first tee.

Play smart: When your on that hole that you feel like your going to hit it in the water, get out your iron and just lay it up. It's better to lay it up, then already be on your third shot, and not even have gotten a hundred yards out yet. Next most people trying to break 100 aren't going to have the distance to get it to those long par 4s in two shots, so just play it like it's a par 5. At this time you have to set reasonable expectations and not think that you are going to hit pin seeking shots on every hole or hit the green in regulation every time, if you have a chance to get it on the green in regulation, just pretend the flag isn't even there. Aim for the middle of the green, you will probably find that your misses will be better if you do that. Now for most of us the driver is going to be are worst enemy, we're going to get up and shank it into the trees, and then it's going to take us two shots to get out of the trees, and by that time the hole is already ruined. So when you don't have a wide open fairway, or maybe even when you do, just get out the iron and make the smart play. 

 Three putting: Three putting will kill your round, it's okey if you have a couple of three putts in a round, but once you start having 5-6 three putts, that's when your going to get yourself in trouble. Just do what you were practicing on the putting green, lag it up to 3 feet or closer, and then you will have given yourself a good shot at two putting.

 Mental Toughness: So your now in a deep hole in your round, just about every shot that you've hit you have either topped it or shanked it 50 yards in the wrong direction. Then once you hit that shot, you probably slammed your club, and then threw it across the course in frustration. Now is when you need to dig deep, you need to have a short term memory, forget that last shot and look at your next shot with a new point of view, not thinking that your just going to shank this shot like your last one. When your up on the tee box you need to have confidence in yourself, don't expect to hit a bad shot, or a bad putt, expect your best every time you come out to play.

 Course Management: All of the things I have talked about will play a major role in breaking 100, but none more than course management. Think before you hit, if your mad calm yourself down. Don't just walk up to the ball and slam it. If you are in between clubs take the club that your not going to have to swing as hard with. You're a lot more likely to hit a good shot if you swing a little lighter than trying to slam one. Don't worry about your score, If your checking your score card every hole, then your more likely to mess up. If you know you just need to bogey that last hole, and your up on the tee box nervous your probably going to mess up. Just play golf, walk off the green right down your score, and then your on to the next tee box.

 Have fun: If your not having fun while your golfing then why are you golfing, 99.9 percent of golfers are never going to go pro, so if your not having fun while your golfing, then you might as well just pack up your clubs and go home.

 So to sum it up, what your going to need to do to break 100 is think smart while your out on the golf course. Try not to three putt, those can be real round killers. Remain calm while your on the golf course, it will help you a lot throughout your golfing career. If you liked this post I would appreciate it if you shared this post on your Facebook or Twitter page. Most important have fun, I hope you enjoyed this article and have fun breaking 100.