Poultry, Politicians and Plant-Based Eating

May 17, 2020

I live in Sussex County Delaware, a COVID-19 hotspot. My county is the largest producer of chickens in the country. The poultry industry is BIG BUSINESS and BIG TROUBLE in my state. Politicians are caught in the middle between keeping plants open for the economy and “safe”for poultry workers OR closing plants for the good of workers, consumers, animals and the environment.

United States Senator Chris Coons from Delaware is Co-Chair of the Senate’s Chicken Caucus. He and his bipartisan committee have recently sent a letter to the administration requesting funding for poultry industry worker support to keep plants open. The letter was also signed by United States Senator Tom Carper from Delaware. In addition Delaware’s Governor Carney supports making poultry plants “safe” and open.

But there is another choice based on health data and scientific evidence. This choice is informed by an understanding that the underlying chronic diseases (heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and respiratory illness) related to consumption of poultry and all animal products make the coronavirus so dangerous. Animal products are not essential to human health. In fact consumption of animal products destroys immunity and leads to disease. Vegetables, fruit, whole grains and beans are essential, boost immunity and provide for all our nutritional needs. (www.EatMoreChickpeas.Org)

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine supports the health of poultry workers, consumers, animals and the environment. They are calling for immediate poultry plant and slaughter house closings. I stood with healthcare professionals and other Delaware residents who share this call on the steps of the state capitol building this weekend. We ask readers to join us at PCRM.ORG.


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