Ruminations on Prince B-sides and Rarities

August 22, 2017



I. Erotic City

I was 13 when my fingertips found the groove 

tapping along a rounding hip 

oblivious to biology’s intent

but waking up to the possibilities.


II. Sex

A hunger lies docile within me. Her key

a man’s tender inquisition. If I let him touch her

- beware. Her tendrils grow deep, curious

on testing what insatiable will bear.


III. Girl

Boy, the word runs around

my mouth, whispering to my tongue,

hell can be raised with a lick,

flick— or just a kiss.


IV. Electric Intercourse

The air sears between hips, this melody

a startled beauty, breathing in halting sips

if this kiss be unwritten may the lust

tasted be enough to condemn the fingertips.


V. The Question of U

Divining answers from a guitar solo,

sycophant in this, his religion of desire.

I bare myself to the speakers,

pray somewhere he is listening.





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