Stairway to helping students in Milton

September 5, 2018

In late August, a post bloomed in the Positively Milton Facebook Group that the Women’s Club of Milton was collecting school supplies for H.O. Brittingham, Milton Elementary and Mariner Middle School. Being the paper stationery hoarder I am, I knew I had several notebooks (some probably dating back to when I was in elementary school) that I’d only used a few pages of, if any, and would probably never use again.

It took me a week to dig up the nerve to call Nancy Trask, who had posted the flyer, and ask if my gently-used supplies were welcome as long as I removed the pages I’d written on first. She said it couldn’t hurt to bring them, and told me that there was a marked basket on her porch at 101 Mill Pond Avenue to donate supplies for the three schools in Milton. Little did I know that her porch would be surrounded by pretty pink flowers to photograph to my heart’s content! If you, too, have any of the following supplies, please drop them off in the next couple of weeks so the Women’s Club of Milton can be distribute them to students who need them.

School supplies needed

• Construction paper
• Highlighters in different colors
• Colored pencils
• Notebook dividers
• Plastic page protectors
• Spiral tablets
• Glue sticks
• Crayons
• Pencils
• Black, blue and red pens
• Notebook paper
• 8” scissors

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